The 5 Secrets To Successfully Take A Break From Drinking 

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How long have you thought about taking a break from drinking? 

A few weeks? 6 months? Over a year?

You might have...

  • A love/hate relationship with alcohol
  • Thought about taking a break from drinking but have had trouble gaining momentum
  • Tried to make rules about when you drink or how much you drink without much success
  • Wondered if drinking is holding you back + keeping you stuck
  • Been curious about how much better you would feel without alcohol

I've got some good news, you're in the right place! 


In this free Masterclass, you'll learn:


What questions you need to stop asking yourself, because they're setting you up for self-sabotage, not success


Exactly what to do differently so you stop the exhausting cycle of stopping drinking and then saying fuck it and starting again


The real reasons you haven't been successful

(and they're probably not what you think!)

It's Time To Take Care Of Yourself

  • Whether you are tired of feeling like total garbage in the morning, telling yourself you'll take a break from drinking, and then opening another bottle of wine by 6pm 
  • Wake up feeling anxious and overwhelmed most mornings with a headache and a hangover
  • Or can't imagine your life without drinking but know it's dragging you down, join me for this free training to learn a new approach + practical, actionable steps you can implement today to start feeling better


Hi Friend, I'm Casey!

I help successful women drink less + live more

I'm an Ex Red Wine Girl turned Life Coach who helps women change their relationship with alcohol. 

I host the top rated Hello Someday Podcast, to teach you the tried and true secrets of breaking out of the drinking cycle and creating a life you truly love. 

I'm the creator of 30 Tips For Your First 30 Days - A Guide For Busy Women Quitting Drinking and The Sobriety Starter Kit - the complete sober coaching course to help you quit drinking without white knuckling it or hating the process.

And most importantly, I've helped thousands of women turn the decision to stop drinking from their worst-case scenario to the best decision of their lives.

If you're ready to create a life you love without alcohol, I'd love to help you get there!